Friday, February 1, 2013

Harbaugh Bowl

So the Super Bowl is this weekend.  And we just got one of these 70” 3D TVs.   Perfect set up for a fab Super bowl party-- a party planners dream right?  Well, a certain green line didn’t think so, which conveniently showed up running down the screen a week before the big game.  Thankfully, it is still under warranty (PHEW) but there went my fiesta! A girl can still dream though right?  Here are a few unique ideas I love for anyone having a Super Bowl (excuse me, Harbaugh Bowl!) Shindig at your home.

This link has TONS of great FREE printables for both teams: from water bottle labels, to cupcake toppers and banners!  Adding a personalized and festive touch! (& did I mention they were FREE?)

I have a love affair with paper chains for casual parties (so festive!) so this instantly called to me

& end it all with a (semi)healthy football dessert

Go Team!
xo, Elissa

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