Thursday, June 25, 2009

SHOES...lets get some shoessss

if you're thinking that these are the most amazing pair of shoes you have ever seen-- i couldn't agree more. the perfect bridal shoes: covered in crystals and your "something blue" sole. they are custom designed christian louboutins with a hefty price tag of $5,000. a girl can dream right? better start saving now!

here's some pictures from the wedding they were in...

you can find out more details and see more images about this insane wedding (including her custom designed oscar de la renta gown with a 12 foot train!) at the photographer's blog. appearantly, the women who made these custom shoes (and gown) happen is now offering them in her store Ever After right here in miami.
Really? she had to be in miami? isn't seeing them torture enough, and now knowing the store is so close makes it even more tempting.... sighhh

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  1. Wow, I'm so sad seeing that price tag!!! It seems we have a lot in common, I'm your newest follower found your blog from pinterest! :)