Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monogram Mon(wednes)day

Sorry i haven't had a chance to post the most recent monogram mondays- after the wedding on sunday i needed a few days of recovery...anyway this weeks is..
monogrammed veils!

not your typical place to find a monogram- but i'm trying to find things people havent seen before!
veils are a unique and surprising place to display your newest initials with the new hubs- when standing at the alter/chuppah/whatever, everyone will be able to notice this special detail.
my boss did a platinum wedding a season back where the bride had this down with swarovski crystals- it was gorgeous! i'll try to find a picture

hope everyones having a great week! i'm going to work in the office tomorrow so hopefully ill have some more pro pics of weddings i've done over the past year

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  1. YOU'RE GOING TO THE OFFICE TOMORROW!??!?!? JEALOUS. By the way, you know how much I love this one.