Monday, June 15, 2009

Monogram Monday

welcome to the third edition!  like i said before, i am trying to find monogrammed items that aren't the typical items... knowing that, thanks to rex (HI REX!), todays winner is...

monogrammed hanger covers!

amazing! i mean the price tags a little hefty (etsy prices range from 49 and up) but they are gorgeous and make for amazing wedding day pictures like the ones below.  plus, if you're really crafty, just Do-It-Yourself! (DIY)

images courtesy of PW'er MrsGG

totallllllllly worth it- hey, it could even be your something blue!

tomorrows a big day with baking and bridal shows (the Wedding Salon-weeee!) with rex and ror! cant waitt!

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  1. I want to here all about the bridal show. we have a date with ikea and sawgrass tomorrow my love :)