Saturday, June 6, 2009

brother's birthday!

so it is stu's birthday today (the big 2-4!) so i decided i wanted to play with the marshmellow fondant i previously made (pictures coming soon i promiseee) and color it and use my new letter/number cutters to make some personalized cupcakes!  stu wanted some chocolate and multi-colored vanilla cupcakes with "gunmetal frosting" along with lime green, red, teal, and white accents.  the fondant was pretty easy to color but to make the fondant a dark gray took almost a whole container of black coloring gel!  good thing i had mirella and her guns of steal to mix the color into the buttercream:) here are some pics of the process!

heres the fondant all mixed and colored and cut out into stars, stus, and 24s!
the colorful batter process..

finally we got gunmetal!
ill finish the decorating update later- hafta go to dinner to celebrate!

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