Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2nd dresses

melissa sweet

if you know me, you know i'm a huge fan of changing into a 2nd dress for the reception.  don't get me wrong- i know its crazy to spend thousands of dollars on a dress you'll wear for ONE day and then buy another one to change into...but there is something so sexy/surprising/invigorating about taking off a gown and putting on something slimmer/shorter to dance and party in!  being an ant (hi rex!), im a fan of the shorter gowns since it makes me seem a wee bit taller- here are some of my favorites

per usual, melissa sweet continues to slay me, the first dress at the top is by her and i LOVE the ruffles on the bottom- theyre huge this season! this next one has been my favorite though for a few years (i think its the low back)
love how this dress is still bustled in the back even though its short...how i adore bustles- but thats a topic for another day entirely

the next are from priscilla of boston's platinum collection:

how blair waldorf is this dress? i think thats why i like it so much the fitted slight sweetheart top with the ballgown style skirt poofing out lets you be a princess without all the extra tulle

this next one is for miss samlita since i know how she loves her pockets:

would you ever consider a 2nd/reception dress? let me know what you think!


  1. you know i love my pockets! the blaire waldorf one is so my favorite because it also has pockets!!!

  2. hi melzo!! i love looking at all of these pics. 2nd dress, 3rd dress, whatever sign me up