Thursday, June 25, 2009

SHOES...lets get some shoessss

if you're thinking that these are the most amazing pair of shoes you have ever seen-- i couldn't agree more. the perfect bridal shoes: covered in crystals and your "something blue" sole. they are custom designed christian louboutins with a hefty price tag of $5,000. a girl can dream right? better start saving now!

here's some pictures from the wedding they were in...

you can find out more details and see more images about this insane wedding (including her custom designed oscar de la renta gown with a 12 foot train!) at the photographer's blog. appearantly, the women who made these custom shoes (and gown) happen is now offering them in her store Ever After right here in miami.
Really? she had to be in miami? isn't seeing them torture enough, and now knowing the store is so close makes it even more tempting.... sighhh

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monogram Mondays!

photo from here

why not spice up your wedidng shoes with your new monogram at the bottom?
most craft stores have pre-made crystal appliques for easy assembly so you don't have to spend hours hunched over with tiny crystals forming letters!
yet, if you wanted the 3 letter monogram, i think the home made technique is the way to go...although stores may offer different sizes of crystal letters, you won't get exactly what you want unless you do it yourself!

photo from here
project wedding, per usual, has a great tutorial on how to DIY! (do it yourself). dont be afraid to try something new!
one of the best parts about this idea is that you can do it on any heeled shoe! since it goes on the slanted underside that never touches the ground, you dont have to compromise getting your favorite [manolo blahniks:)] to get a personalized pair!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Salon!

On Monday, me, rex, and my mom went to the Wedding Salon event in Miami Beach.  If you're getting married, hey--even if you're not!, I totally recommend going to one of their events- they're AMAZING! They showcase lots of great vendors from your area in addition to displaying their latest creations in centerpieces, cakes, dresses, photography, and everything else you can are some of my favorite pictures from the event-- enjoy!

my moms fav centerpiece below- she loves the square table and how the acrylic block below the orchids let you see people around the table while still being extravagant!

a classic, all white, crystal centerpiece by dalsimer-atlas

my fav centerpiece- i love the all the glass mixed with the candlelight and the simplicity of the colored orchids! and the clear acrylic chivari chairs are to DIE for

cakes by edda--a favorite miami vendor we use- me and stu love the pillow cake on the right- so unique

even though samlitaaa hates the branches i am obsessed with the ones drenched in crystals like this-- i love how the added the rose pomanders at the bottom to add some flowers to this normally flowerless centerpiece

beautiful gowns from chic parisian- a must during gown shopping!  the ladies at this store make every bride's dress experience a princess moment.  my new dress obsession is the one on the left

really monique lhullier? why did you have to do this to me-- the dropped waist! the sweetheart neck! the ruffled skirt! the jeweled belt!  i'd probably look more like one of my cupcakes than a soon-t0-be mrs. but a girl can dream right? sighhh

me and rex with our swag bags! the knot and brides really hooked us up with tons of goodies inside-- those babies were heavyyy! i swear like 10 lbs each!

hope you enjoyed my summary!  i cant wait for their next event down here- anyone care to join?

chocolate/peanut butter cool whip dessert!

i've been baking so much lately but have had no time to update!  about a week or two ago, i tried making this cool whip ribbon dessert from bakerella.  if you havent checked out her blog please do- she's my biggest baking inspiration!  anyway, after buying all the ingredients stu told me it was his friend ben's birthday, so it became ben's birthday cake!  although my layers didn't turn out as thick as bakerella's (maybe because i tried doubling the recipe?) i heard it was still delicious!

and then look who i caught in the act :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monogram Monday

welcome to the third edition!  like i said before, i am trying to find monogrammed items that aren't the typical items... knowing that, thanks to rex (HI REX!), todays winner is...

monogrammed hanger covers!

amazing! i mean the price tags a little hefty (etsy prices range from 49 and up) but they are gorgeous and make for amazing wedding day pictures like the ones below.  plus, if you're really crafty, just Do-It-Yourself! (DIY)

images courtesy of PW'er MrsGG

totallllllllly worth it- hey, it could even be your something blue!

tomorrows a big day with baking and bridal shows (the Wedding Salon-weeee!) with rex and ror! cant waitt!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

no words

i hate when people write posts like this so i'm being such a hypocrite
BUT like the last post, there is clearly only so much i can say about this

this has to be MY FAVORITE ceremony venue ever
ever ever ever
its 620 loft and garden in new york city
making me even consider my future miami wedding
psh who am i kidding
but there's still hope- aleah? sull? anyone?'

now please excuse me while i revive myself of this image...sighhhhh

Friday, June 12, 2009


no other words

greatest magazine cover EVER.
can you tell im attracted to things that sparkle?

shes done it again- thanks martha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monogram Mon(wednes)day

Sorry i haven't had a chance to post the most recent monogram mondays- after the wedding on sunday i needed a few days of recovery...anyway this weeks is..
monogrammed veils!

not your typical place to find a monogram- but i'm trying to find things people havent seen before!
veils are a unique and surprising place to display your newest initials with the new hubs- when standing at the alter/chuppah/whatever, everyone will be able to notice this special detail.
my boss did a platinum wedding a season back where the bride had this down with swarovski crystals- it was gorgeous! i'll try to find a picture

hope everyones having a great week! i'm going to work in the office tomorrow so hopefully ill have some more pro pics of weddings i've done over the past year

Monday, June 8, 2009

wedding weekend!

here are some pictures from the wedding i helped put on last night.  sorry about the bad quality- i only had my blackberry!

the banquet tables were gorgeous and i always love what florists do with them- i love the arrangements- to me they are much more unique and beautiful then the average high floral centerpieces you see on round tables.

this bride loved the damask print- as you can tell by her linens! and check out that cake! i don't think i'll ever be that good hahaha

Saturday, June 6, 2009

brother's birthday! (cont'd)...

so when we last left we had just frosted the cupcakes with the gunmetal buttercream-
now comes the fun part :)

i'm gunna try next time with pretty non-stu gunmetal-type colors :) any requests?

brother's birthday!

so it is stu's birthday today (the big 2-4!) so i decided i wanted to play with the marshmellow fondant i previously made (pictures coming soon i promiseee) and color it and use my new letter/number cutters to make some personalized cupcakes!  stu wanted some chocolate and multi-colored vanilla cupcakes with "gunmetal frosting" along with lime green, red, teal, and white accents.  the fondant was pretty easy to color but to make the fondant a dark gray took almost a whole container of black coloring gel!  good thing i had mirella and her guns of steal to mix the color into the buttercream:) here are some pics of the process!

heres the fondant all mixed and colored and cut out into stars, stus, and 24s!
the colorful batter process..

finally we got gunmetal!
ill finish the decorating update later- hafta go to dinner to celebrate!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2nd dresses

melissa sweet

if you know me, you know i'm a huge fan of changing into a 2nd dress for the reception.  don't get me wrong- i know its crazy to spend thousands of dollars on a dress you'll wear for ONE day and then buy another one to change into...but there is something so sexy/surprising/invigorating about taking off a gown and putting on something slimmer/shorter to dance and party in!  being an ant (hi rex!), im a fan of the shorter gowns since it makes me seem a wee bit taller- here are some of my favorites

per usual, melissa sweet continues to slay me, the first dress at the top is by her and i LOVE the ruffles on the bottom- theyre huge this season! this next one has been my favorite though for a few years (i think its the low back)
love how this dress is still bustled in the back even though its i adore bustles- but thats a topic for another day entirely

the next are from priscilla of boston's platinum collection:

how blair waldorf is this dress? i think thats why i like it so much the fitted slight sweetheart top with the ballgown style skirt poofing out lets you be a princess without all the extra tulle

this next one is for miss samlita since i know how she loves her pockets:

would you ever consider a 2nd/reception dress? let me know what you think!